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Command List

Feature Hotkey
Blueprint Assist hotkey menu CTRL + SHIFT + F1
Open window menu CTRL + SHIFT + K
Select pin ArrowKeys
Select node CTRL + ArrowKeys
Shift camera SHIFT + ArrowKeys
Open blueprint creation menu Tab
Format node F
Format node selectively Shift + F
Format all events CTRL + R
Delete and link SHIFT + Delete
Cut and link CTRL + SHIFT + X
Connect unlinked pins Q
Link nodes between wires CTRL + Q
Link to hovered pin CTRL + SHIFT + Q
Disconnect selected pin D
Disconnect node execution ALT + D
Disconnect all pins CTRL + SHIFT + D
Toggle context sensitive CTRL + T
Swap node left/right CTRL + SHIFT + Left/Right
Edit selected pin value CTRL + E
Switch workflow mode ALT + O
Edit details menu CTRL + SHIFT + E
Zoom to node tree CTRL + =
Add Symbol menu CTRL + SHIFT + A
Focus search box menu CTRL + ALT + F
Go to symbol menu CTRL + G
Select variable menu CTRL + SHIFT + G
Open context menu for pin CTRL+ M
Open context menu for node CTRL + SHIFT + M
Duplicate variable node CTRL + SHIFT + V
Merge selected nodes CTRL + SHIFT + V
Replace node CTRL + H
Toggle nodes CTRL + /
Split pin ALT + Q
Recombine pin ALT + CTRL + Q
Rename selected node F2
Toggle fullscreen ALT + Enter
Group nodes ALT + G, ALT + CTRL + G
Toggle lock nodes ALT + L
Toggle node purity ALT + SHIFT + G
Toggle node advanced display ALT + CTRL + A
Expand selection in direction SHIFT + Z (left), SHIFT + X (right)
Refresh Node Size CTRL + SHIFT + R
Navigate Tab History ALT + HOME, ALT + END

Blueprint Assist hotkey menu

  • Open a menu which displays the hotkeys for the plugin

Open window menu

  • Search and open a menu or setting with CTRL + SHIFT + K

Select pin

  • Use the ArrowKeys to move the selected pin

  • Selecting a node will select the top-right execution pin

  • You can also select a pin by left-clicking on it

Select node

  • Select a node using CTRL + ArrowKeys

Open blueprint creation menu

  • Press Tab to open the blueprint creation menu. With a pin selected it will create the menu for the pin

Format node

  • With a node selected press F to format the block of nodes
  • If the block of nodes has an event node, it will use it as the root node
  • Two styles for parameters:
    • Helixing: Parameter nodes are placed below
    • LHS (Left-hand side): Parameter nodes are placed on the LHS of the node
  • There are commands to forcing a formatting style (unbound by default)
    • Format with Helixing
    • Format with LHS (left-hand side)
  • Important settings:
    • Treat delegates as execution pins (default: true): When disabled, this will ignore linked delegate pins (which are directly connected to custom events). You may want to disable this if you prefer your custom events to be manually positioned.
    • Apply comment padding (default: true): Uses comment box bounds when formatting. Use this along with the AutoSizeComment plugin, otherwise disable this.
    • Globally disable auto formatting: Disable all auto formatting behaviour

Format node selectively

  • With multiple nodes selected press Shift + F to format only the selected nodes
  • If you have a single node selected, this command will selectively format the node tree to the right

Format all events

  • Press CTRL + R to format all event nodes on the graph
  • See setting Format All Style to choose the method of layout:
    • Simple: Event nodes are sorted by height and placed in a single column
    • Smart: Dynamic columns are created by estimating the width of all linked nodes in the event and then sorted by height
    • Node Type: Columns are created based on the node type { SpecialRootNodes, ActorEvents, CustomEvents, InputEvents, ComponentEvents, OtherEvents }
  • Blocks can be reordered by moving the height of the event node above other blocks.

  • With node(s) selected press SHIFT + DEL to delete the nodes while preserving the links

  • Functionally the same as Delete and Link above but also copy the selected nodes to your clipboard

Connect unlinked pins

  • With a node selected, press Q to connect unlinked pins to nearby nodes

  • With a node selected, hover a wire or pin and press CTRL + Q to link the node

  • Select a pin, then hover another pin and press CTRL + SHIFT + Q to link the two pins

Disconnect selected wire or pin

  • Hover a wire or pin and press D to disconnect

Disconnect node execution

  • Select a node and press ALT + D to disconnect node execution

Disconnect all pins

  • Select a node and press CTRL + SHIFT + D to disconnect all pins

Toggle context sensitive

  • With the blueprint creation menu open, press CTRL + T to toggle context sensitive

Swap node left/right

  • With a node selected, press CTRL + SHIFT + (Left / Right) to swap the node execution left or right
  • By default the swap node command will break looping connections which were created after swapping. See setting: Blueprint Assist Advanced > RemoveLoopingCausedBySwapping

Edit selected pin value

  • Press CTRL + E to start editing the value of the selected pin
  • Pressing the hotkey again will move to the next editable value on the pin (for example when editing the Delta Location Vector)

Switch workflow mode

  • Press ALT + O to switch workflow mode. This is mainly for AnimBP, WidgetBP and BehaviorTrees
  • In the AnimBP, it will open a menu since there are more than 2 modes to be selected from

Edit details menu

  • Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + E will bring up a menu with a list of variables in the Details panel
  • Selecting an item in the menu will bring keyboard focus to that variable (boolean variables will be toggled)

Zoom to node tree

  • Pressing CTRL + Equals will zoom to fit the node tree (all nodes connected to the current node)

Add Symbol menu

  • Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + A will open a menu allowing you to add a new graph, function macro, variable or event dispatcher

Go to symbol menu

  • Pressing CTRL + G will open a menu allowing you to bring viewport focus to any function / macro / graph / event

Focus search box menu

  • Pressing CTRL + ALT + F will open a menu allowing you to bring keyboard focus to a search box in the current window

Select variable menu

  • Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + G will open a menu allowing you to focus a variable in the blueprint

Open context menu for pin

  • Pressing CTRL + M will bring up the pin actions for the selected pin

Open context menu for node

  • Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + M will bring up the node actions for the selected node

Duplicate variable node

  • Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + V will duplicate a variable node for each of it's links

Merge selected nodes

  • Pressing ALT + SHIFT + M will merge the selected nodes

Replace node

  • Replace the selected node with a new node by pressing CTRL + H

Shift camera

  • Move the camera using SHIFT + Arrow Keys

Toggle nodes

  • Disabled or enable selected nodes using CTRL + \

Split / recombine pin

  • Split hovered or selected pin using ALT + Q
  • Recombine using ALT + CTRL + Q

Rename selected node

  • Rename selected variable or macro by pressing F2

Group nodes

  • Group nodes so they are locked and move together ALT + G
  • Ungroup nodes with ALT + CTRL + G
  • Holding down any key while dragging the nodes will stop the group movement


  • OnlyDrawGroupOutlineWhenSelected to only draw the outline when a node is selected
  • DrawNodeGroupFill to also highlight the nodes inside the group

Toggle lock nodes

  • Lock nodes so they are ignored by the Blueprint Assist formatter ALT + L


  • Currently the formatter doesn't work very well with this. Any downstream nodes will also be ignored.
  • When using this I suggest you use Selective Formatting (Shift+F)

Toggle node purity

  • Toggle the execution pins on a node if applicable. Handles Cast and Variable Get nodes ALT + SHIFT + G

Toggle node advanced display

  • Toggle any advanced display pins on the node. Most commonly used for the Print String node ALT + CTRL + A

Expand selection in direction

  • Using the hovered node as the root, expand the selection in the direction
  • Shift + Z for Left, Shift + X for Right

Refresh node size

  • In order for the plugin to work correctly, we must save the size of node. However there may be cases where the plugin fails to detect a size change. If your blueprint graph has overlapping nodes it is likely due to this.

  • Select the incorrect nodes (I suggest simply selecting all the linked nodes) and press CTRL + SHIFT + R to refresh the sizes

  • If you still have formatting issues, please report this on github

Works the same as pressing the thumb buttons on your mouse to go back / forward in tab history

Only for Blueprint Graphs. Do not rebind to use CTRL in the keyboard shortcuts, it will not work!

  • Go Forward in Tab History ALT + HOME
  • Go Back in Tab History ALT + END